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“Superstar Baby” Vinyl

  • “Superstar Baby” Vinyl
  • “Superstar Baby” Vinyl
  • “Superstar Baby” Vinyl
  • “Superstar Baby” Vinyl

Limited First Pressing of 500 - 2 Colored Vinyl

Released February 28, 2019. Runtime 27 minutes.
Written, produced, performed, & recorded by Sunny
Recorded at Softhouse Studio in Corona, CA.
Mixed, mastered, & album design by Ricky Legend.
Additional Instrument Performance;

Track 1. "I Know I Won't" - Rhythm guitar: David Morales, Keys: Jonathon Luka, Bass: Ricky Legend

Track 3. "Soundtrack for Your Backseat" - Bass: Ricky Legend

Track 5. "Baby, You're My Jam" - Keys: Jonathon Luka

Thanks for listening, sharing, attending shows, sending love mail, saying what's up, moshing, shitting, farting with us. Honestly, it's beyond awesome to give you something that is the ultimate culmination of recorded music. The almighty vinyl.

Much love,

~ sundiver ca